Y Give? Participation Matters

Participation in the Alumni Fund is not only an important measure of alumni attitudes toward the university but essential to funding Yale’s core needs. From financial aid, to teaching and research, to facilities maintenance, your generosity can touch every aspect of Yale College.

  • Show Handsome Dan you still care! Annual giving is an important measure of alumni attitudes toward the university. Participation statistics are considered when Yale is evaluated by corporate and foundation donors.

  • Do not underestimate the impact of your support and the importance of your participation. Every gift to Yale made by BOLD adds to your class’s commitment to the university. 

  • The cost of a Yale education is significantly subsidized (nearly 50%)—this subsidy is made possible through the generosity of past and present donors. Alumni have been giving back to Yale through the Alumni Fund since 1890 to make the Yale experience what it is today. 

  • More than 50 percent of all undergraduate students are receiving some type of financial aid in fiscal 2017-18, with an average award of $49,575. The financial aid budget reached $144.8 million. Only $77.6 million of that was covered by the endowment, leaving a $67 million budget gap. Unrestricted gifts to the Alumni Fund help close that gap, and having such a generous financial aid policy allows Yale to remain competitive and committed to attracting the most academically qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances. 

  • Unrestricted funds allow Yale to address immediate priorities and enhance programs not yet covered by the endowment or other sources of income.

  • Annual giving is an important complement to restricted funds, which make up the bulk of Yale’s endowment. Because of strict spending rules in place to preserve its principal, only a portion of the endowment can be used each year to support the university’s annual budget.

  • A gift of $25 to the Alumni Fund that can be spent immediately has the same impact on the university’s spending as an endowment gift of $500 and can also be used much more broadly.