Host an Event

The big, exciting reunion party is the most fun your class can have together, but it only happens every five years. What can you do between reunions? With classmates spread to the four corners of the country and the earth, staying connected can be a challenge. Getting together with local classmates (and even other BOLD alumni) is a great way to keep that connection going between reunions.

Volunteer events can be anything, from a traditional bar night to something that takes advantage of what the locale has to offer. Museum visits, tours of local landmarks, and hikes are just a few ideas. If you and your fellow alumni are yearning to learn, intellectual content could be the way to go—take advantage of prominent alumni or Yale faculty in your area. You could even partner with your local Yale Club and host a joint event for all alumni.

Interested in hosting an event? Contact Jeannie Daniel at or 203-436-8013 to find out how.