What Counts in the Reunion Gift

Yale Alumni Fund

All alumni are asked to make an unrestricted gift to the Alumni Fund every year. This provides the university with immediately expendable, core support for basic operations and new programs. To receive participation credit in the Alumni Fund your gift must be designated to one of the six designation categories. These include unrestricted purposes, facilities renovations, faculty support and curriculum development, financial aid, library resources, and undergraduate life.

Yale College Class Dues

Each graduating Yale College Class is their own 501(c)3. Class dues help keep Classes connected with one another and the University. Class treasury funds help support 5-year class reunions, class events between reunion years, and class communications. Class dues are tax deductible but do not receive Alumni Fund or reunion gift credit.

Athletic Team Associations

Associations supplement the department budget and help cover the cost of expenses in the areas of recruiting, out-of-region travel, prospect visits, equipment, communications, and other annual team expenses. These contributions provide our coaches with the resources necessary to attract the best and the brightest to come to Yale. All association contributions are considered gifts to Yale. All expenditures of associations are governed by departmental policy for compliance with Yale, Ivy League, and NCAA requirements. Association gifts do not receive Alumni Fund credit but do count toward the reunion gift.

Student Organizations

Student organizations, such as cultural houses, music groups and drama groups with which you were affiliated as a student often solicit gifts to help fund their activities. These gifts do not receive Alumni Fund credit but are included in the reunion gift.

Other Special Interest Groups

Other groups you were affiliated with while at Yale, such as secret societies and other groups considered independent of the university may send solicitation appeals. These gifts do not receive Alumni Fund or reunion gift credit. 

Reunion Giving

Reunion giving is a yearlong fundraising campaign that takes place in the months leading up to your 5th or 10th reunion. The tradition of reunion giving inspires some alumni to make significant capital commitments beyond regular Alumni Fund gifts, strengthens alumni participation in giving, and encourages ongoing annual giving. Reunion campaigns account for a significant portion of cash received by the university each year, providing essential endowment and current use support.  The reunion gift recognizes new gifts made during the reunion campaign, in addition to nearly all contributions made to the university since graduation.